“I have been a patient doing Cavi-Lipo since October and am impressed with my success. My clothes fit better and my outlook on my looks are so positive. The office is warm and friendly but the best is the doctor that administers the treatment. She is knowledgeable, personable and willing to spend time with any questions or concerns.”
– JL

“I am very pleased with the results of my Cavi Lipo treatments from Naples Nonsurgical Body Sculpting. The cellulite that I had tried to rid myself of for years is gone! And with no pain at all. Actually, the treatment was quite relaxing especially, when compared the Cool Sculpting. (which did NOT work) Now my legs look so much better. I am not embarrassed anymore. I will definitely recommend this facility to all my friends. It is easy to get to and has a very inviting, professional and sanitary environment.”

“What do you do when you feel you have exhausted all your options (and you are terrified of surgery) for reducing the swelling, fluid buildup and cellulite in your legs? I must say I have tried some crazy things hoping they would work . Well I was ready to give up. Then I was on my way to lunch one day and passed an office that offered cavi lipo, whatever that was. But the pictures displayed where amazing. Since they had a free consultation, what did I have to lose? After my first visit with Dr. Pascoe, I was skeptical but hopeful. To my pleasant surprise, the cavi Lipo made significant changes in my legs. We also discovered that the majority of my problem was a lymph issue. Then we started compressions therapy which has greatly helped increase my lymph flow therefore decreasing the swelling of the legs. I truly believe the compressions should be a medically covered treatment that helps people like me feel better and function better. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I passed her office on my way to lunch.”
– Suzi Eagen

“Thank you for the special attention in attacking the belly fat accumulated the past couple of years. Your non-surgical ultrasound procedure is painless. After 3 weeks my belly is flatter, more toned and I have gone down several pounds and 2 pant sizes. I like the clean profession office and recommend anyone trying to get rid of fat to go to your office. Thank you Naples Non Surgical Body Sculpting!”

“In recent years I have found that no matter how much I exercise and monitor my diet, what I consider to be problem areas, such as my knees, the area between bra and hips and abdominal area do not respond in any noticeable improvement. I regularly engage in Pilates, stretching, walking, biking, water aerobics and isometric exercise, at least 45 minutes of one of these activities every day. Some days I combine activities and engage in 2 types of the activities, totaling 90 minutes of exercise. My diet is healthy, well balanced and well within the caloric intake recommended for me. Blessed to be healthy and feel good, but still discouraged with the lack of contour in my shape, I consulted Pamela Pascoe at Naples Non Surgical Sculpting Center in Naples, Florida for assistance. I have started my 4th series of Cavi-Lipo treatments in the past 2 year period. This Cavi-Lipo modality has been a successful sculpting tool to redefine and smooth my stubborn bulges. There is a significant, positive change in the fit of my clothing. Incorporated into my regime of exercise and healthy eating I have found this painless treatment beneficial. I recently added the “Slim Belly Belt” to my routine and wear it while walking or biking. I’m noticing improvement in reduction of inches at my waistline. My husband has noticed, as well.”
-K.R. Age 60+, Naples FL